Susan Philipsz @ Theseus Temple, Vienna

The sound installation “War Damaged Musical Instruments (Pair)”, 2015 by Susan Phillipsz is currently on view at the Theseus Temple the contemporary art location organised by the Kunsthistorische Museum in Vienna. Listening to the short video on the website of the Kunsthistorische I feel drawn back to the Berlin Biennale 2004 where Phillips showed a similar work on an old Garnisonen Cemetry curated by Marizio Cattelan and Ali Subbotnick back then. The installation in Vienna has been curated by Jasper Sharp, curator of the last Austrian pavilion at the Venice Biannial in 2013.

From what I associate with the sound, the horns used for the installation have from an historical background been used in early days at the cemetery when important people were buried so they could make themselves heard in case the would wake up in their graves. Let’s hope that the installation by Susan Phillipsz has a more light-hearted approach this time. Here the link for the installation currently on view in Vienna:


“War Damaged Musical Instruments (Pair)”, 2015 by Susan Phillipsz

 29. April 2015 bis 4. Oktober 2015

Volksgarten, 1010 Wien

April bis Oktober
während der Ausstellungen
täglich 11 – 18 Uhr

Öffnungszeiten Volksgarten
1.4 bis 31.10.2012, 6 – 22 Uhr


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